1.1. Backup Procedure
Document ID : Backup Procedure v 2.0
Created on : 29-Dec-2021
Prepared By : Backup Team
Approved By : Soundarrajan
2. Scope
This procedure applies to the personnel involved in the activities of backup, storage, restoration
as per Communication & Operational Management Policy.
3. Inputs
Backup Tapes.
List of folders to be backed up
Communications and operations management policy
Scheduled backup
Request of restoration.
Request for backup from projects
4. Definitions / Acronyms
Tape drive : IBM ULTRIUM HH4 - LTO-4
5. Backup Tasks
This document includes information about backup jobs & their restoration.
5.1. Backup Exec Server Information
Server Name: IDITFS03
IP Address:
Backup Exec Version: 16.0 running on windows server 2012 platform.
This server is a dedicated media server for Chennai corporate office & holding Backup Exec
Administrator privileges are required to launch Backup Exec consol.