User Registration and De-registration Procedure
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 User Registration De- Procedure     
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1. Scope
  This procedure covers all personnel involved in the user registration and deregistration  activities as Access control & environmental policy.
2. Acronyms & Definitions
AM  Manager
PM  : Project Manager
HR  : Human Resources
QAG  : Quality Assurance Group
3. Inputs
Access policy
Physical and Environmental policy
4. Entry Criteria
Request for granting an access.
User de-registration request.
5. Tasks
for User Registration and De-registration includes the following:
I. User Registration
A   user   registration   process   includes   the   creation   of   an   access   card   for   the   user,   on   the  basis of new employee code created by Hr Team. 
Issuing   of   access   cards   depends   upon   the   availability   of   access   cards.   Temporary   cards  be issued till the permanent access card is issued to the employee.
However a for access cards is maintained by the Administration Department.
User   creation   on   Information   Dynamics   ’s   network   domain   is   done   only   when   a   Helpdesk  Ticket   has   raised   by   HR   to   IT   team   for   the   same.   HR   sends   alert   to   the   IT   team   on  candidates   has   joined.   On   the   basis   of   this   alert/helpdesk,   the   IT   team   creates   the   user  credentials   and   the   workstation/access   is   granted   to   the   employee   only   after   confirmation  from the HR after on his/her joining by Admin team.
Need   based   physical   and   logical   access   is   given   to   customers/third   parties   by   System  Administrator after approval from respective HOD/HR/Operation Manager.
1) Network 
a)   System   Administrator   provides   an   access   to   the   LAN   on   the   request   of   HR   (Helpdesk  Ticket)   and   file   server   account   of   the   assigned   project   with   appropriate   rights   on   the   basis   of  initiated by reporting manager or HOD.
User Registration and De-registration Procedure     
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2) Privileges
a)   Privileges   required   by   an   employee   to   carryout   business   operations   are   granted   on   an  authorization of Reporting Manager/HOD/Operation Manager. These privileges include:
Employee Portal Access
SharePoint – IT Help desk
Access to external mail sites
Admin Access on Local Machine
b)   The   requirement   of   any   additional   privileges   which   comes   in   future   requires   an  authorization of HOD /ISM.
II. User De-registration
1)   User   account   on   LAN   and   any   privilege   of   any   employee   leaving   Information  is by System Administrator on the request HR/Management.
2)   The   physical   access   of   employee   leaving   Information   Dynamics   is   blocked   on   the  request   of   HR.   Access   cards   are   collected   immediately   and   Bio   Metric   Access   Disabled  by Admin Dept.
3)   In   case   of   termination   the   user   account   on   LAN   and   any   privilege   is   disabled   or  blocked immediately on request of the Reporting Manager/ HR.
III. Review Rights
1)   All   access   of   users   are   reviewed   &   re-allocated   at   the   time   of   change   in   employment  within Information Dynamics.
6. Review and Audits
Review and Audit logs of maintenance would be carried out as per procedure. 
7. Measurements
8. Outputs
Privilege access log report