Management Guidelines 
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Created on : May 3, 2021
By : Linda
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 Management Guidelines 
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  1. Scope
This document is relevant to the management of Information Dynamics to know  about the information aspects
2. Purpose
The   intent   of   this   document   is   to   provide   guidelines   to   the   management   of  Information Dynamics on security of information.
3. Management Commitment to Information Security
Management should set a clear policy line objectives  and demonstrate support for, and to, information security.
Steering committee should approve the information security policy, assign  security roles and co-ordinate and review the implementation of security across  the organization.
Contacts with external security specialists or groups, like Nasscom should be  developed to up with industrial trends, monitor standards and assessment  methods and provide suitable liaison points when information security  incidents
Information security goals should be identified and integrated in relevant  processes
The effectiveness implementation of the security policy should be  reviewed as part of Management Review Meetings
Management should provide clear direction and visible management support for  security initiatives
The resources needed for information security should be provided
specific and responsibilities for information security across the  organization should be approved and assigned.
ISM   in-coordination   with   Human   Resources   department   should   ensure   that   the  awareness   plans   &   programs   are   initiated   for   all   employee   and   contract  employees   to   maintain   information   security   awareness   &   awareness   for   reporting  incidents and weaknesses
The implementation of information security controls should be coordinated across  the organization.
ISM should ensure that periodic technical compliance is carried out. 
Contact local bodies and special interest should be maintained.
4. Management Responsibilities Employees
ensure that employees, contractors, and party users:
Are properly briefed their information security roles and responsibilities prior  to being granted access sensitive information or information systems;
 Management Guidelines 
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Are provided with guidelines to state expectations of their within the  organization;
Are motivated to fulfill the security policies of the organization;
Achieve a level of awareness security relevant to roles and  responsibilities within the organization
Conform the terms and conditions of employment, which includes the  organization’s information security policy and appropriate of working;  and
to have the appropriate skills and qualifications.