ID - Internal
1. Policy Statement
The employer recognises that there may, on occasion, be circumstances
when it would be more beneficial or flexible for staff to work at home,
either on a permanent basis, or in order to complete a particular task, for
example a special project or funding bid, however, it is not possible to
offer home working to all staff as the requirements of some jobs will not
be suitable for such arrangements.
This policy deals with situations where:
the member of staff is based at home and works at home
the member of staff is based at home but works mainly ‘on the
occasional one-off home working
situations where the employee prefers to work from home and
has an option.
2. Agreement to work from home
Where an employee makes a request, prior permission is required
before an employee can work at home. The employee should make the
request to their manager. Serious consideration will be given to any
such requests and a decision regarding the suitability of working at home
will take into account all relevant circumstances. The decision of the
manager & Business Head is final. The employer reserves the right to
withdraw their approval for home working if they believe its use is being
abused or for any other reasonable needs of the employer to carry out
its business.
For certain posts, the employer may determine that the normal place of
work, or ‘base’, is the home of the employee. Any variation to this would
constitute a variation to the terms and conditions of the employment.
It is possible that a post could involve some time based at home and
some time based in the office.
ID- Internal
3. Qualifying Conditions
Working at home is totally dependent upon certain criteria being fulfilled,
these being that the employee:
has obtained prior agreement for home working from manager
does not have other commitments with the employer, or elsewhere
at that time, including dependent care responsibilities that would
conflict with the requirement to work. It is not considered
appropriate to combine home based working with dependent care.
Employees are expected to make appropriate arrangements for the
care of any dependents during working hours. Home working
should not be viewed as an alternative to paid dependant care.
has notified both her/his manager of her/his hours of work and
has a contact telephone number and is available to be contacted
during the nominated times
4. Working Arrangements
4.1 Workload and Reporting
All arrangements for monitoring, supervision, setting workloads,
etc., will be agreed with the employee’s manager in line with normal
All the tasks must be agreed beforehand and plan has to be
submitted to Manager
Every day Time sheet is mandatory and Check In and Check out
timings will be monitored through MPUNCH. Attendance will be
captured through MPUNCH and verified with System login
All Time Sheet has to be approved by the respective Managers and
based on the approved time sheet salary process will happen
Note:- It is mandatory to use MPUNCH on time (09;30AM
6.30PM). Any delays will be captured as Late IN & Early OUT.
Work from home employees has to use the secured VPN to
connect to the office network. Based on the secured connection,
System login time will be captured for verifying the attendance.
ID- Internal
4.2 Reporting Sickness Absence
In the event that the member of staff is sick during a period of working
at home then the normal employer’s sickness reporting rules must be
5. Confidentiality and access
Equipment and files should only be accessible to the employee and
safeguarded from access by other members of the household and
visitors. ID Authorized staff should have access at a reasonable
time to equipment and any paper records kept at an employee’s
6. Review of home working arrangement
At any time, the agreement to work from home may be reviewed by
the respective Manager and employer. This policy is also subject
to review and does not form part of any contract of employment.
7. Compliance
Failure to comply with any aspect of this policy or related policies
such as IT policies, HR policies & Information security policy may
constitute a disciplinary offence.
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